The Left Foot

The sun shone brightly on the Monday morning of 10th June 2019, and as usual, I went for my tally classes. All of a sudden, while returning to my bike, I saw a taxi heading my way. I stood still as there was no space to move, and suddenly it happened. The taxi rammed into my left foot leaving it bruised and injured. Continue reading


God is there for Everyone

Having gone on mission last year, I was a bit hesitant to go again this year since I had just completed my studies, and I needed to hunt for a job. Also, the thought of being unable to visit my hometown often, once I start work, longed for me to spend time with my family instead. But I had a deep desire to serve ever since I encountered Christ 7 years ago. Keeping all of it in prayer I surrendered to God and finally decided to go for the summer mission in West Bengal. Continue reading


Glorious Mystery: The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Many times when we lift up our prayers and offerings to our King, they may be tainted with our self-love, like the distractions or sleepiness that come our way when we pray. But when we offer them to Jesus through the hands of our Queen, she purifies and embellishes them and presents them to our King with her own hands and with all the love in her heart. Continue reading


Glorious Mystery: The Assumption

How many times do I claim to be a know it all, or a ‘Google it all?’ How many times have I searched my symptoms on the internet and found out that I have a cancer of the throat, blood, skin and every organ of my body? In a similar manner, what about the teachings of the Catholic Church? Do I claim to be a ‘know it all’ or ‘a search it all’? Continue reading