Personal Relationships

Stumbling Blocks

A couple of days ago, I went for a tiatr titled: “From darkness to light“. The tiatr was brilliant, but what caught my attention was a scene right at the end. Cyrus and Roysten were best friends in high school. During that time Cyrus had introduced his friend to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, pornography and much more. By the grace of God and with the help of numerous retreats, prayers and counselling sessions with priests, Cyrus was able to get out of his addiction. His friend however was unable to change, even though many sought to help him. His health kept deteriorating and ultimately he died. Continue reading


Christ and I at the Mount of Temptation

In the midst of a Judean desert, after a long journey through Jericho, I reached a stretch of hills. This is commonly referred to as, “ The mountain of Temptation” and also known as Mount Quarnatani and Jabel Quruntul, derived from the Latin word for forty. I expected to see a tall mountain whose peak I wouldn’t be able to view from the ground; but instead what stood before me was a small series of hills. A lone cable car took me to the top of the hill for a view of Jordan. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Web of Sin

Ever wondered what a web looked like to an unsuspecting prey? Threads of fine silk delicately woven, running from one end to another, every intersection leading to a path that would tease the mind and tickle the imagination. At dawn, dewdrops hang like precious gems for any thirsty creature looking for a drink. At noon, the harsh sun seems to dance on its cords, bringing out its beauty as it shines forth upon it; and at night, the entangled but elegant maze seems to provide a shelter by creating shadows in the moonlit darkness. A delicate seemingly harmless thing that welcomes any creature looking for a place to rest, only ends up entrapping them in the very thing they were attracted to. Continue reading

Faith at Work

Cracking the Code

I fiddled with my friends’ phone trying to crack his screen lock code. After several attempts at trying to win the ‘crack my screen lock’ challenge I gave up, realising that there were thousands of possible combinations which would probably take me days to crack.

That very evening as I sat in prayer the thought hit me that we have screen locks for our phones, face recognition software for our computers, passwords for our emails and social networking sites, pins for our ATM’s, latches and bolts for our doors and windows and much more. Continue reading