The Khandala Chronicles

CFCI Mumbai holds its first ever meet to usher in a new chapter
How do you build a better future? By revisiting the bones of the past and planning for the road ahead – with honesty and a spirit of openness.

Members of CFCI Mumbai and its various ministries – Kids, Singles and Youth all came together to usher in a brand new chapter in a gathering held on May 30-31 at the tree spotted locales of St. Mary’s Villa, Khandala. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Ecumenism at Home

So many thoughts have occupied my mind during these last few months. One of the foremost being, that some of our family members have moved to another Christian denomination. What should be our attitude towards them? Should we denounce them, attempt to reconvert them, break ties with them, look down on them or just pray for them? Continue reading


Blessed & Beautiful

Our Sisters from the CFCI Singles, had its follow up session after the Glimpse of Heaven, National Singles Conference, an event by the name Blessed and Beautiful, held at Goa, 20-22 January 2012. Sister’s from Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai gathered together to share their lives with each other, filled with different activities and sessions, that help them grew closer to each other, and more over getting more closer to God. Continue reading