Fools for Christ

Practiced what was Preached!

A Youth meeting at Mall the Goa? The formators were definitely losing it! It all seemed so ridiculous and farfetched!
Well it did happen as planned on 11th June and it would be remembered by the CFCI Youth of Porvorim as ‘The meeting at the mall‘. Continue reading


Christmas in Summer

Christmas in Summer, a one day program was conducted by the CFCI Youth, Mangalore on 4 May 2015 at St. Dominic’s Church, Ashoknagar. The program started with Avinash Serrao, CFCI Youth from Mangalore, explaining the meaning of Christmas in Summer. He reminded the youth gathered, that we usually occupy ourselves in preparing for Christmas materialistically with gifts, parties and celebration while we forget to prepare ourselves to invite Jesus into our hearts. He also explained how we consider going through this preparation only during the time of advent and how we have a call to do it every day of our lives.

Read more as, Sharon Serrao, CFCI Youth, Mangalore, discloses the day. Continue reading

Faith at Work

Lent – your all new Give Up list

It is February already! While we are still in the afterglow of the Christmas season, it is time to say hello to Lent. One of my personal favorite seasons (weirdo that I am) and along with Lent comes the list of ‘sacrifices’ and ‘abstinences’. While we have become comfortable giving up meat, of late the young crowd (which I still relate myself with, deniers can take a hike) have come up with more innovative ‘give ups’ for Lent.

While I am trying not to completely rip-off my inspiration for this post (thanks Christina Mead!), I am making an attempt to create a ‘give-up’ and ‘take-up’ list closer to the Indian youth context. Continue reading