Mission in the “Bagaan”

The truest form of leadership is service. I’ve always wanted to serve Christ, and I finally did get a great opportunity to do so. I got to go on a mission to West Bengal!! I was incredibly excited about the whole thing, the travel, the food, the stay, the sessions… Wait for what!? Have I to give a session? Talk in Hindi!? Except for this… I was excited about everything else. Well, I did “prepare” for it though. Continue reading


Walking with Jesus

I have always had the desire to go on Mission and spread the Good News, so when I heard that the CFCI Youth were organising various Mission programs to different parts of India, I wasted no time and volunteered to serve at the Mission in Assam in May 2019. Continue reading


A glimpse of His ways

Amazing! is the right word for my experience of serving in the mission at Assam. I went there to mainly teach about households and how they work, but I ended up learning a lot more than what I shared. We started our journey from Bangalore and we didn’t realize that we wouldn’t have the luxuries of life while at the mission. Among the four of us from Mangalore, three had never been on a flight before, and we were nervous for a lot of reasons. Continue reading


Revival – Uttarkhand

Led by the Holy Spirit, brothers and sisters from different parts of the country, came together to serve the youth of the diocese of Bareily, at Anugraha Ashram, Sitarganj, Uttarkhand for a four-day Youth Camp from 13th June to 16th June 2019. These youth were full of energy, enthusiasm and a deep devotion for Christ; all they needed was a listening ear, a hand to hold and a path to be directed to. The service team was all set to serve 150 youth but were surprised to see around 300 youth on the first day itself. Continue reading