Trusting in His plan

Do we not, in many situations, trust ourselves more than we trust our Creator? Having been created in His image and likeness, shouldn’t we offer up our lives to Him to execute the plan He has for us?

In a world filled with trials, temptations, desires and wants, approaching the Creator and surrendering ourselves seems a bit hard. The longings of the world keep us covered with a pseudo-shell and pull us away from the notions of living a life pleasing to Him on high. How then do we overcome them and come closer to Him, who is ever ready to hear our plea?

I am a regular college going student. Maintaining a balance between extra-curricular activities and academics became my priority that I did not even realise my spiritual life was falling apart. I began trusting in my own capabilities and somewhere down the lane, peace did not reign in my life anymore. That’s when I began to devote my time, some of it initially, in reading the scriptures. I started going for the youth meetings, which I had taken a temporary break from and realized that the balance is just right when I surrender myself to God. My talents were made known to me by Him alone.

Trusting in our own capabilities is equivalent to not lending an ear to Him who gave us the breath of life. Sometimes, we don’t seem to do it on purpose, but subconsciously, we tend to make our day-to-day activities a priority. To avoid this, we should devote some time to the 24-hour cycle to:

  1. Personal Prayer: It is the most essential part of our day where we can actually have a one on one connection with our Creator. He will give us the strength to endure all that we have to face during the day because He is supreme and knows it all. Thus, surrendering ourselves during this holy time will help us in getting closer to Him, who reigns supreme. May our plea be ‘Let your will be done in my life, O God’.
  2. Utilising our talents for Him (serving the Lord): God has blessed us with so many talents and expects us to utilise them for His greater glory. Utilising them to make His good news known to the world is our duty. In doing so, we will experience a sense of satisfaction and God will be pleased with us and will bless us magnanimously. We let Him take charge of our lives in the course of serving God through our talents.
  3. Spending time with our brothers and sisters in love and harmony:

    Jesus says “whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do unto me”.

    Not lending a hand to the poor and lending a bigger hand to be with the better part of society is what we tend to do in this present world. When we meet the less-privileged, we realise the blessings we have received which helps us kneel before the Lord in surrender.

In doing so, we will be able to let His will be done in our life.

God’s will is ultimate. If we obey Him and respect the plan He has for us, our life on earth will seem much easier and relaxed. God calls each one of us to partake in His heavenly meal one day, reunited with our Abba Father eternally. May we not fall short of this beautiful opportunity of being with Him, by being selfish here on earth, on our pilgrim journey towards our goal, Jesus Christ.

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One Response to Trusting in His plan

  1. A really nice article on submitting ourself to God in our daily life and not doing it on our own strength but placing God first in everything that we do.