Twin Celebration

CFCI Mangalore celebrated two events together on the 29th of November, 2015. It was to commemorate the birth of Jesus and to celebrate Children’s day. This auspicious evening began with Praise and Worship at Bajjodi – Family Centre. A bunch of fun activities followed.

A classroom skit was presented by a group of members. They performed brilliantly with the spirit and enthusiasm of little kids. Some were in school uniform and others in colourful school dress, some even had candy in their mouths during the skit. In this festive mood, all were overwhelmed with joy like the restless kids in school.

Followed by the skit, Mrs. Precilla Pinto and Mrs. Mavis Rodrigues danced to nursery rhymes and created a ‘World of Children‘ by jumping, running and laughing like tiny tots.

The flash mob video performed by CFCI Youth was projected, which they had performed at St. Joseph’s Engineering College in Mangalore which was a part of the Youth Conference Competition. This was an inspiration for the whole crowd.

Then we prepared ourselves for the birthday celebration of our Lord. We experienced Spiritual Joy of cleansing our hearts with our own children by praying for them and saying sorry for all our mistakes towards them. Indeed it was the most emotional moment for parents as well as for their children.

Finally to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, we all sang beautiful Christmas Carols with heavenly joy in our hearts and the fun filled evening ended by enjoying a piece of cake and lot of Christmas sweets.

On this day we all learnt one particular language which each one of us could understand and speak, that was the language of love – SMILE. In this language neither grammar nor vocabulary is required since SMILE is the language of LOVE and LOVE exists in our hearts when we have Jesus in our heart.

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