Udupi District Meet

The CFCI Udupi district meet was held on Saturday, December 1, 2018, at the Bishop’s House, Udupi. Quite a large number of couples had gathered for this meet. Jimmy Xavier, Southern Mission Co-ordinator, Gerald Castelino, District Servant – Mangalore, Paul Andrade and Leslie Aroza, Director, Family Commission, Diocese of Udupi were all the esteemed guests in presence.

We began with a prayer, led by Vivian Cornelio, who also welcomed all the guests and couples gathered. Further, he presented a brief history of the CFCI movement in the Udupi diocese. Mr. Leslie Aroza then put forth his views and future plans towards the CFCI movement of having a stronghold in the Udupi diocese. As a large number of women there live alone, where their husbands are either working abroad or have expired, a need for a mission exclusively for their cause was stressed upon.

Bro. Jimmy Xavier encouraged the gathering to work with zeal and carry a message home after every CLS. He pointed out that the number of participants is not to be focused on, but the message carried by the participants is to be appreciated.

After the demise of Mr. Rocky Almeida, Mr. Vivian & Ms. Veronica have begun looking after the CFCI activities of the Udupi diocese. They were encouraged to officially continue their services as the District Servant.

Further, Mr. Paul Andrade addressed the gathering, promising help from the CFCI Mangalore as and when required.

The Bishop of Udupi diocese, in his address, appreciated the work of the CFCI. He encouraged them by saying that he makes it a point to meet the CFCI Couples during his pastoral visit to various parishes. He also motivated the CFCI Couples to take over missionary activities, thus obeying the Holy Father, Pope Francis’s view. He then blessed the new District Servants.

Ms. Veronica expressed her gratitude to the Bishop on behalf of everyone gathered. She thanked the guests of honour in addition to the household heads from Pius Nagar, Basrur, Hirgan, Shirva and Kallianpur deanery. She also thanked all the CFCI couples of the Udupi diocese for their presence at the meet. With that, the CFCI Udupi district meet concluded.

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