Union in Communion

It was all fun and frolic at the CFCI Chennai Family Day on 10th November 2019, held at Church Park School Auditorium, Nungambakkam. There were 120 participants who attended the celebration.

The day began with the Saints Parade which had 32 energetic and enthusiastic kids dressed up as Saints. They spoke about certain unique attributes possessed by the saints which made them holy and renowned. It was an honour having His Grace, Archbishop George Antonysamy as our Chief Guest. He was delighted to hear the little saints perform and also cheerfully blessed each of them. We were also honoured to have Fr. Joe Andrew, Fr. Lawrence Raj and the Sisters of the Convent who graced the occasion and applauded the kids’ efforts. The children and parents had put in a lot of hard work and prepared colourful charts that were displayed on the walls which portrayed the life of each saint. Reverend Archbishop expressed his views on how a stable, sound and secure family contributes towards building a better church and society at large. He also emphasized that it is the need of the hour that we develop awareness in raising families based on love, care, understanding and effective communication. It is the good values taught at home that shape and define our thoughts and actions in life.

At noon, we had a beautiful celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Lawrence Raj. A wonderful skit was put up by the older children. The little kids also cutely danced to the ‘Jesus You’re My Superhero’ song. The endearing dance performances put up by the North household, the South household and the Singles Group added joy and charm to the event.

After being re-energized with appetizing biryani for lunch, it was time to set the ball rolling for the second half of the day. The games committee had planned and lined up some really exciting indoor and outdoor games of one hour each for all age groups. It was exciting to watch everyone’s wholehearted involvement in indoor biblical games and challenging and competitive outdoor games. Prizes were given for winning as well as for participation. All were filled with happiness and gratitude for being rewarded with gifts for taking part in the games. After the games, tea and refreshments were served. The top three families who earned the maximum points were then called and given prizes.

Aptly themed as ‘Union in Communion’, this day of merriment and bonding was indeed a reminder to keep Christ as the heart of our lives and families. We pray that every person who attended this amazing day be filled with the grace and goodness of the Almighty and rediscover the inimitable gift of having a family which is a precious ‘God-Ordained Institution’.

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