Valentines Day Celebration

And finally the day arrived – one that was anticipated for from sometime. The CFCI Singles, Bangalore, organized a Valentine’s Day celebration for the CFCI Couples, Bangalore on 14 February, 2015. Held at OLSH church, Bellandur, this event marked a time of crazy fun, laughter, free of any inhibition.

Valentines Day Celebration Poster

The program started with worship, led by the newly formed band from the CFCI Singles, Bangalore. After a great time of worship with the Lord, the couples were divided into groups for a quiz on CFCI. Conducted by Kelvin Castelino and Conroy Mendes, CFCI Singles from Bangalore, this quiz enlightened many couples and Singles on various topics such as CFCI significant dates, names and origin history. After this exciting time with the groups, the couples were asked to sit with their spouses and each of them were given a scenario, in the lives of their spouses, to be acted out. The scenarios included the times when the spouse was sick, wanted a favour, was excited about something and the like.

Followed by this amazing experience, the couples were asked to re-live their proposal by acting it out in front of the people. After enacting the proposal, the couples presented a gift to the each other, one that represented the spouse. The couples then spoke about how and why they think the gift represented their spouse and what it meant to them.
The highlight of the program was the couple dance in which all couples participated with a lot of enthusiasm. This was however not the end of the fun filled day for the couples. The singles joined in with the couples and continued the dance mania by dancing to the song –Dollar Wine by Colin Lucas.

The couples then cut the cake made very specially for them by the CFCI Single, Jogy Thomas. Everyone relished the cake as it was distributed.

Finally, the singles were prayed over by the couples for their futures and for their time ahead. The couples also thanked the Singles for a fun-evening with lots of bonding!

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