Visit to Ishaprema Niketan

This morning, our Singles went for a service visit to Ishaprema Niketan. We taught them an action song, played a few games with them and had music and dancing. We had also collected a good amount of money which we used, to buy a variety of provisions for them. After we left from there, we had a short review meeting. It appears that our service visit was on the whole, more beneficial for us than for the inmates.

Report by Emilio & Jennifer, CFCI Singles Formators, Pune

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5 Responses to Visit to Ishaprema Niketan

  1. Hello. I have always been a person who could easily grumble at things that happen to me. After coming to Pune (from Mangalore), I have always grumbled about my Hostel life, the food and my college But today when I visited the ashram I saw that the kids, the old people and everyone there filled with joy and energy. They probably did not have all the privileges that I have, but still they were happy. There was happiness on their faces, I had a great time bonding with them and understanding that God has blessed me with every single thing that I need in my life. I also had a great time bonding with my brothers and sisters in the community, it was a small service that we could do as a community for the glory of God in this season of Advent.

  2. It is not what we have, it is what we enjoy that brings happiness! I could not leave in an hour; wanted a whole day so that we could be more joyful and spread more joy.

  3. We are truly blessed with our Mom and Dad, that they have not abandoned us when we were kids. They helped us to take the first steps of our lives. We should always be grateful to them and care for them and not abandon them in the last steps of their lives, when they need us the most. Whenever I visit Ishaprema Niketan, I have always felt that the kids and the old people there don’t need material things, but what they need most, is our love and someone to talk to.

  4. Being a teacher it is very easy to relate to children and their needs. I understand what they want the moment I listen to their voice or look at them. It is fun working with kids and bringing a smile to their faces. But today at Ishaprema , I saw children look at us with empty eyes some who found it difficult to even smile. I felt that they are not looking for temporary visitors who keep them happy for an hour everyday. They are looking for something more permanent . I felt as though they wanted to be happy and belong to somebody permanently, a family maybe. We all search for happiness, but very rarely find it. I know I am happy in many ways but visiting these little innocent angels and the elderly, I realise how truly blessed I am. Today’s outreach program has created a sense of responsibility in me. A responsibility to do something constructive for special people like those whom we met at Ishaprema.
    If even a few come forward and contribute their time in helping out a few in need, we’ll have many more smiles. Glad to have spent a memorable day at Ishaprema with our friends.

    • Adding to what Pooja said, I realise that God has kept me in a much better situation. God has provided my every possible necessity ,a good family, decent education, good health, a job, friends and the CFCI community. I promise today, I’ll take a special initiative to help two kids with their school gadgets (books, uniform,bags).
      What God has blessed us with, we have to share with those in need.