Walking on the Water

I remember the day when Jesus called me
He said ‘Come!’ …and i stepped out of my boat.
For since the very day i met my Saviour
I left my boat and my nets to follow Him

I’ll make u fishers of men
He promised me that day
but He was calling me again this time in a supernatural way and i was…
Walking on the water

My eyes were set on Him
Walking on the water
Through the storm and wind
well i stepped out of my boat
beyond my comfort zone

i was walking (x6 )
upon the sea

Then i noticed the strong wind around me
and my eyes were no longer on my Lord
Before i even knew it i was sinking
and i cried out, ‘O Jesus, help me Lord’
well I’m a fisherman by trade
and i know how to swim
but i understood that day i can do nothing without Him…

Save me Jesus i am sinking
my eyes were not on You
Jesus i am sinking
only You can see me through
In every struggle that I face
Lord without Your grace
I’ll be sinking x 6
without You

Then Jesus took hold of my hand and He saved me
He said, ‘man of little faith, why did u doubt?’
As i climbed back to my boat back to safety
I clearly understood what this was all about

There’s no need to be afraid
I can always trust in Him
we can walk through every trial
if we fix our eyes on Him and I’ve been…
Walking on the water
Trusting in my Lord
walking on the water
believing in His word
though the storms are still around
My faith is built on solid ground
for I’ve been walking
I’ve been walking
I’ve been walking
upon the lake of Galilee

Yeah I’ve been walking….
and now i’m walking…

I am walking …in victory.

About Brian Colaco

Christian Songwriter

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