Walking with Jesus

I have always had the desire to go on Mission and spread the Good News, so when I heard that the CFCI Youth were organising various Mission programs to different parts of India, I wasted no time and volunteered to serve at the Mission in Assam in May 2019.

On the 5th of May 2019, I was supposed to leave for Assam. However, on that day I found myself being filled with negative thoughts and immense fear. As I was the only person going from Odisha, I was apprehensive about the length and various aspects of the journey. Just as I was considering backing out at the very last moment, my mother, who noticed that I hadn’t packed any bags yet, assured me that our Lord Jesus, who I was going to serve, would take care or me and all my needs. Those words from my mother were all the encouragement I needed and I quickly packed my bags and left on the same day as planned.

I reached Tinsukia, Assam on 8th May, where Anand was waiting at the station to receive me. From there we proceeded to Vincent’s home and were met by the rest of the Mission volunteers. We were divided into groups of 6 members, each group consisting of a couple and 4 youth/singles.

As this was my first Mission experience, I didn’t know what to expect and whether I would be able to deliver what was expected of me. However, my team members helped me tremendously, and I was able to give sessions in spite of being fearful of public speaking. I fell ill for a few days during the mission, but quickly bounced back thanks to the care and prayers of my fellow team members.

All in all, serving at the Assam Mission was a wonderful and spiritually enriching experience for me. The cool weather in May was a real blessing, and I can’t wait to serve at the next Mission.

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