I Want to Run

O Lord You take my breath away
By the good things that You do
You hear me when I pray
You know me through and through
And Jesus You are the way
You’re so faithful and so true
There is no one else like You
Woah oh oh

Jesus Lord, I love Your word
Its like honey for my soul
I don’t need to be afraid
You are always in control
I can stand against the tide
I can stand against the storm
For I know You’ll lead me on
Woah oh oh

I want to run to Your arms open wide for me
I want to sing of good things You have done for me

I want to run to him

How can I ever thank You Lord
You have done so much for me
You gave for me Your all
You are everything to me
I bless Your Holy name
Your love will never change
Forever You’re the same
Woah oh oh

No greater joy I’ve ever known
Than knowing You my Lord
I put my hope in You
You’ve always been faithful my God
I can always count on You
You will never let me down
You keep me safe and sound
Woah oh oh

About Brian Colaco

Christian Songwriter

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