The way to Heaven is through our Spouse

CFCI Mangalore organized its much-awaited Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) II from January 25th to 27th, 2019 at the Divine Call Centre, Mulki.

Post registrations and dinner, the MER kick-started with a power-pack Praise & Worship, with everyone glorifying God as they witnessed a full attendance of sixteen couples despite many obstacles. The service team couples were Gerard & Audrey along with Greg Puthota & Swapna Nuthalapati from Bangalore. The kids had a parallel program organized by the vibrant CFCI Singles & Youth of Mangalore.

Over the course of the next two days, sessions were given on unity, communication and sex in marriage; and on Christian parenting. The theme throughout these teachings was

“The way to Heaven is through our Spouse”

and how the couples need to fulfil this covenant by being selfless, put their spouse before themselves and also being submissive towards each other.

The resource persons explained the session in depth, with the help of the Holy Scripture and the extent to which they broke their lives truly touched each one of us. Each session was followed by a one to one dialogue among the spouses that helped the couples to clearly identify areas where they were failing and how as a couple they could build each other up.

The final and the most significant session was the Pray-over. Firstly, all the couples were asked to tell their spouses all the hurt they caused towards each other and then ask for forgiveness after which they prayed for each other. All the couples experienced immense healing in their marriages through this session.

The kids were also spiritually enriched with sessions on the life of the Saints and thoroughly entertained with action songs, drawing and games.

The three days of sessions, couple dialogues, games and fellowship ended with each one testifying to how God had worked in their marriages through this Marriage Enrichment Retreat. Everyone left the venue with renewed zeal to live their marriages true to the covenant they made and to be Christ to one another.

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