His ways are better than mine

I am Lavisha Saldanha, part of CFCI Singles at Bangalore. I attended the CLS in June 2013 and my life has not been the same since. From a person who would merely say ‘Hi’ to Jesus at Sunday mass, I have gone on to talking to Him throughout the day, everyday. In this note, I want to share God’s wonderful plan for me to transform me into the person I am today.

Maria is my ‘Accountability Partner’ in the community. When we started, we did our accountability bit of checking on each other to see if we had done our personal prayers, scripture reading, confessions, etc. This went on for a while until she attended ‘Blessed and Beautiful‘ early this year. When she got back, she was so excited that she called to tell me all that had happened there and one important thing discussed which was ‘sisterhood’. She said we need to keep in contact more frequently and there it all began. She is now a sister and a guide to me and I can call her anytime I know that she is praying for me. We do a lot of things together.

  1. We go for lunch or shopping together.
  2. Last lent we made a checklist of things we wanted to follow like rosary, divine mercy chaplet, daily mass and sent it to each other. We kept checking on each other to see if we followed them.
  3. We also made a list of intentions, things we were struggling with and areas of our life which needed clarity and sent this out to each other too. We set a time and every day we prayed for each other and for each other’s intentions at the same time.


We have continued praying for each other. Additionally, from my interactions with her, I also picked up the habit of saying the rosary when I travel.

Initially, it was a challenge to share, to open my life, to humble myself and tell all about myself, both good and bad. When I did, it helped me go a long way in building a relationship as then Maria knew my heart and could hold me accountable. This in turn helped me grow spiritually.

Kim was my animator at the CLS and has been my mentor since. She is a person who can find out what is going on with you even when you do not know what is happening. Once you know where you are struggling she’ll ask you what you are going to do about it and then she’ll guide you to get answers from the Lord to help you.

I was dating a protestant guy and had told my dad about this relationship, but he was not happy about it. He asked me to break it off. I was quite upset and I started talking to Kim about it. She asked me to take it to the Lord and surrender completely to Him and to ask Him to do His will in my life. I knew I had to be obedient to her advice as I knew God had placed her in my life. It is then that I realized that God can work wonders when you surrender to Him. When I surrendered to the Lord, I also realized that going against my parents was never His will. So, I broke up with the protestant guy.

Kim continued to guide me through the situation and I also came to realize that I had unforgiveness towards my dad. She again helped me through it and as I kept taking it to God continually in prayer and He gradually removed all the unforgiveness in my heart.

A little time passed and my parents started looking for proposals for me. I went back to Kim asking her how I should go about it. I desired for a person in the Lord. She suggested that I tell my expectations to the prospects and if the person was not God-fearing, it is likely that he will move on. I did as suggested and saw a few proposals rejected.

After some time, I was beginning to despair and I told Kim that I did not think there were any Mangalorean guys who knew the Lord enough to get married to me. Kim consoled me telling me that God has a time and it will be His best plan for me. I thought I was asking for too much so I negotiated with God and told Him to atleast give me a person who is open to having a relationship with Him. Our God is such a faithful God and His plans for our prosperity are beyond our understanding. He gave me Jeswin Castelino, a wonderful person from CFCI Singles Goa, a Mangalorean who has been in the community and walking with the Lord for 9 years. I thank God everyday for him.

I thank God for all the wonderful people in the community, including my sisters in my household who have supported me and prayed for me. It is through them that I have come to realize, understand, trust and grow in God’s love for me. I have also come to realize that only by surrendering to His will can I give Him Glory. Praise God. Amen.

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