We are Heralds’ of God’s Kingdom

God, my master, my everything, helps me.
In this world of terror, protect me.
Blessed as I feel to be chosen by you,
Carefree I feel to speak for you.

Thank you lord for choosing me
Making me how you wanted me to be
Everyday is a challenge for me lord
Be with me, so that I can stand strong

Woman Praying

Be my sword as I fight all temptation
Make me victorious in the battle of salvation
The world laughs at me as I speak about your fame
Little do they know, the worth, the gain

Gone far away is the fear of rejection
All I can think of is to serve you with dedication
So be with me lord as I run this race
To be always patient and never in haste

To be courageous and have no fear
Because I know you are always near
We will make it lord, the world will soon see
That nothing is as good as you, and nothing can ever be..

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