Welcome to the Magical World of Your Sexuality

Lover: Open to me my darling[i]

I have taken off my robe[ii]

O prince’s daughter[iii]  Your breasts are like two fawns[iv]

Your breasts are like clusters of fruit[v]

I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit”[vi]

The Beloved: Come my lover, let us go to the countryside

Let us spend the night in the village[vii]

There I will give you my love[viii]

I would kiss you.[ix]

Does the poetic conversation remind you of two lovers in an erotic novel from the middle-ages? Would this be appropriate for public consumption?Welcome to the Magical world of your Sexuality

The fact is that these lines are taken from the most widely published book in history and is written for a universal audience. They are from the book of Song of Solomon found in the Old Testament of the Bible!

Why would the Bible, a book that is supposed to impart moral teachings, have something that seems morally incorrect included in its pages? Could the Church have made a mistake when it was compiling the books of the Bible? Did the Song of Songs somehow slip through undetected? Did Satan trick one of the Church Fathers who were involved in compiling the books of the Bible, to pull wool over the rest of the team that was also involved in the task? Maybe Satan wanted to somehow corrupt the Bible?

It’s an intriguing question.

Truth is: the Bible is the work of the Holy Spirit guiding human minds and hands. Nothing in the Bible can be a mistake.

So, then that begs the question as to why that seemingly erotic piece of literature exists in the Bible. What kind of moral lesson is that Book seeking to impart? Is there any lesson in it, at all?

The truth, as they say, sometimes can be even more startling than fiction. In this case, it certainly is. To understand this truth better, we will fall back on one of the most mind-blowing books on sex ever written; the most in-depth guide to erotic love; the most comprehensive manual on human sexuality.

No, it’s not the Kama Sutra.

It’s called the ‘Theology of the Body’ (TOB) and it is – believe it or not – an encyclical written by one of the most loved Popes that the Catholic Church has seen, the late Pope John Paul II (PJPII). A book on sex is written by a celibate man? Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Well, it just happens to be that this celibate man has studied and reflected on human sexuality, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to articulate truths about the human person and sexuality more than perhaps any other man ever has.

His work reveals a vision of God’s heart and mind that could literally change your life forever.

Welcome to the magical world of your sexuality. Here, you will discover that your sexuality, more than anything else, is at the very core of your Christian life and your very existence. Strange as it may sound and contrary to popular belief, you will discover that Catholicism is in fact, completely pro-sex. In fact, it is more pro-sex that any of the secular organisations that claim to be champions of sex.

Buckle up. You are about to embark on a new and exciting adventure.

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