Welcome to the Unending Love

The Couples for Christ, India, conducted the first module of the Christian Life Seminar at Auxilium Convent, Dum Dum, Kolkata, themed, “Welcome to the Unending Love” on May 5th, 2018.

The program was attended by 32 couples and 78 individuals, who came without their spouses. The children of the participants were looked after by Conrad and Pallavi Fernandes, who kept them entertained all through the day.

The day began with Sr. Adams welcoming the participants to the CLS. He gave us an introduction as to what we will be going through over the course of the day. A brief understanding of how we will truly experience God, and experience Him working in us through the sessions planned for the day. Fr. Hermil, parish priest of St. Patrick’s, then led us to the first session with a small prayer.

The first session, God’s Love was presented by Bablu Das. Mr. Das emphasized the love of God, the Father who ‘loves us even though we are still sinners’. He spoke of the perfect plan (Jer 29:11) that God has for each of us.

The next session, “What it means to be a Christian” was given by Florence Ekka. She explained the meaning of being a true Christian where she stressed the need for building a relationship with God, our Father, rather than following ritualistic practices.

The last talk for the day was on sin, repentance and faith. This was beautifully explained by Lawrence Ekka who made the participants truly realize that God our father is waiting for us to repent and come back to Him. We only need to answer that call and surrender our sins to Him.

After the first session, we were put in groups where at the end of each session there was group sharing. During group sharing the participants would openly share their lives and their struggles in line with each session. Testimonies shared by Christopher Godfrey, Sweety Das and Rupa Mondal helped the participants to realize the wonders that God works in the lives of His children who trust in Him.

The day ended with confession and mass by Fr. Basil. By the grace of God, all participants stayed till the end of the program even though the weather gradually became hot.
A good number of participants gave their names for the follow-up sessions, which is scheduled to start from 10th June 2018. We thank and praise the Almighty for His faithfulness to all His children; for His Unending Love.

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