We’re God’s Heralds

Lord, it’s you who makes the day good;
Lord, it’s you who provides us with food.
Lord, it’s you who makes us remain;
Lord, it’s you makes us humane.

We, Lord; want to be your heralds and go far;
We, Lord, know; heralds we truly are.
We, Lord, want your love and compassion;
We, Lord, want to spread it out in our mission.


You, Lord, had told us to make disciples everywhere;
You, Lord, had told us to spread your love and care.
You, Lord, had told us to baptize and heal;
You, Lord, had told us, to make all demons squeal.

Yes, Lord, we are making disciples all over the Earth;
Yes, Lord, all over its length and all over its girth.
Yes, Lord, send your spirit and fill us, your dry bones;
Yes, Lord, give us strength, to make bread out of these stones.

Communal clashes will not stop us, O Lord;
Nor will the assassination of a leader;
We’re heralds, O Lord; help us stop this destruction;
Help us spread your message of love and salvation.

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