Where Are You?

“I love you Lord Jesus,
If only I could see you,
I’d love you so much more.”
That’s what I once said as I sat for coffee alone.

But I’m sure, if I’d seen Him,
I would not love Him as much
Coz He is present everywhere,
In everyone and in every situation.

I am born with five senses,
I have good sight but cannot see Him,
I have ears, but can never hear Him talk
I have the sense of touch,
But cannot feel Him.
I have taste in my mouth,
But don’t know what he tastes like.
And though my nose works so well,
I wonder what He would smell like.

But one day God spoke to me and said,
“You will see me,
Because I am present in everybody,
Look at the poor, I am always present there.
You will be able to touch me,
Just reach your hand out to the sick,
the oppressed, the old and the unloved.
Touch them and you will touch me.

You will be able to hear me,
If you give me some of your time.
I long to speak to you.
Open your mind to the word of God,
and you will hear me clearly.

You will be able to taste me,
Come for the Eucharist & believe that I am present there,
receive me with faith at Holy communion
and you will say,
oh! taste and see how good is the Lord.

And you will be able to smell me,
For I am all around you,
the air you breathe is my own breathe”
for in Him we live, we move and have our being.

But not many of us are able to do this.
Mortals that we are,
we never make time for God.
The same God who made all the time
and even died for us.

We cannot see God, as our eyes are blinded
with money and riches of the world.
We cannot hear Him,
coz we want to hear only praises for ourselves,
even when we don’t deserve it.
And we cannot taste God
as our mouths are filled with filth,
perversion and tales of our own brothers and sisters.
We are unable to touch Him
as we are used to the touch of men and other desires of the flesh.
We are unable to smell Him,
as we have polluted the air around us,
destroying the gift of nature He has given us.

In this year of Mercy, let us thank God for all our senses,
and ask His grace to truly See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Touch Him
and work towards a day when people will meet us and say,
He is the God of the living,
Truly, today I met God.

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