Who defines my worth?

“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”
~ Philippians 4:13

In life, while we battle through different challenges every day, there is a need deep within our natural human instinct to be desirous of praise from that special person. For most of us, it’s our fathers from whom we wait for that word that would define our worth on this planet.

If we don’t get the appreciation we desire, we choose one of the following two things:

  1. We let go and never try to do anything of worth because we know no matter what we do, that one person will never be happy. Sometimes it can end up in us doing the exact opposite of what they want of us.
  2. Or, we put ourselves through a sickening grind just to prove ourselves to that one person. No matter how many people go out of their way to acknowledge our efforts, we never stop until that one person comes and fills the void.

The questions I ask you today are:

  • What if that one person never comes to tell us how good we are?
  • Would we die thinking we were a failure?
  • Would we never stop trying and keep putting ourselves through the sickening grind?
  • Would we ever feel that we have a purpose beyond what we see?

It’s natural to feel the need to be appreciated but it’s foolish to believe that only one person or certain people can define our worth.

At home we need the validation of our family; At work, we need the appreciation of our manager; We need to be cool enough to have our friends call us out everywhere; We need the validation of social media to make us feel we look great or not.

In all these places there is one person looking at us through the eyes of love and love alone.

He sees our imperfections and loves us.
He sees our tireless efforts and loves us.
He sees our miserable self at night and fake pretence during the day and still the love never stops.

“I am who you say I am”

Daughter of the king; Soldier of his army; Warrior to the Kingdom of God.

Are we reflecting his presence through who we are every day?

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away”
~ Mark 13:31

I urge each and everyone today to look back at all the times we have put ourselves down because we felt we were not worth it. We have let the devil win but God constantly loves us and by his love and grace he is there watching us grow and become better children of our Father.

We need to acknowledge our self-worth through the eyes of our Father and not by the standards of what the world sets. For what it’s worth, people will always find a problem with our work. But God sees through our flaws and knows that in this imperfection we are perfect to him and to his boundless love. It’s the efforts we put to do his will and make him proud of us each and every day that defines our very purpose on this planet.

Know that the end goal is nothing but to enter the kingdom of heaven and have eternal life with our Father.

Mama Mary didn’t earn any MBSS degree and yet she saved lives. She didn’t become a social media star but the angels on high and men on earth sing her praise. She was mocked by society yet God made her the Mother of Christ. You see, know what the end goal is and how you want to reach it and just believe. He is with us listening to our tears and struggles but wants us to know we are more precious than any stone and no price can define us. We are worth more than vintage, gold or anything this world calls precious.

From one daughter of the King to another.

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