Who is your Hero?

The Enchanting and Magical world of Harry Potter may seem like quite the place to be. Here absolutely nothing seems impossible. A spell and the wave of a wand – lo and behold, you’ve turned ‘fat Charlie‘the class bully into a great big ugly toad. If you’re thinking of running up to the nearby candy store, not too much effort, all you need is some ‘floo powder‘ and a fireplace or you could simply ‘teleport‘ at the crack of a wand or you could use the old flying ‘broomstick’ to get there! The only thing you need to trouble yourself over is mastering your spells from your (“Defense against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures.”) textbooks, the art of saying them out nicely and clearly and hey presto, your wand does all the talking. What’s better still is fighting the BAD GUYS becomes a whole lot easier.

As tempting and marvelous as this fairytale world may seem, this world does not exist! But fret not, we have something FAR better! Better than Harry, you ask? Yes! Someone twice as powerful! He needs no ‘floo powder’ or even a ‘wand’ for that matter. He doesn’t need to use ‘legilimency’ to read your thoughts nor does He need to look into a cup of tea leaves to tell Him what the future holds. He is constantly watching over you and taking care of you. He knows all that you do. He doesn’t need an ‘anti-cheating’ spell to know if you’ve been cheating in your exams or a ‘cheering charm’ to cheer you up when you’re sad. He’s present everywhere. Haven’t you wished Harry was your best friend? But guess what, this greater guy IS your best friend if you want Him to be one!

This amazing all powerful person is none other than our very own ‘JESUS’. He walked on water, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, changed water into wine, fed a multitude with two fish and five loaves of bread, brought Lazarus back from the dead (something Harry couldn’t even dream of doing) and lots of more fascinating stuff. Just imagine what He can do in your life. What’s more amazing is that He doesn’t want you to master any spells, nor does He need you to pass your ‘OWLs’, but He’d rather you just talk to Him. Tell Him all your prayers.

Do you know the best part? Jesus defeated the ‘bad guy’ not by a war of spells but by dying on the Cross for you and me. He died and defeated the devil only for you. His death won a victory that was much better than the victory that Harry Potter won by slaying ‘Voldemort’ (finally!, ironically he kept coming back to life) and the best part is, He did this only because He loved you and to give YOU life and the devil is defeated once and for all and he is not coming back to life! Harry’s never going to be your best friend but the bigger, better guy, wants to be best pals with you. Isn’t that super cool? So what are you going to do? Are you going to make Him your best friend today? Because He wants to be yours!!

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