Who me? Are you sure God?

It is never easy to say “YES” to the call of God. Have you ever experienced, when you are called to do something in response to God’s calling, the first question that comes to mind is, am I worthy? Do I have that ability? Most importantly…THE TIME? Doubt is what we are filled with. If we refer to the Bible, we come across so many instances where God chooses the weakest and fills them with his wisdom to spread His word and work for Him and His people.
In the Old Testament, God, hearing the cries of His people under the slavery of Pharaoh, acts to bring them out of Egypt. He chooses Moses(Ex 4:10),

“a man slow of speech and tongue” .

Moses has every reason to tell God that he was not an able person, but God has a simple answer for Moses(Ex 4:12):

“I will help you…”

In essence, God says to Moses, “your ability and identity don’t matter. I am God. I will be with you.” It is not about you. It is about me. What I am asking you to do has nothing to do with your ability, but everything to do with your obedience. When Moses surrenders himself, after putting forth all his doubts to the Lord, we see how God wonderfully works through him and redeems His people.

We too experienced something like what Moses did, when after two years of being household servants, we were called to serve as Unit Servants. We began to question, “Why us? There are so many senior members in the community!” Would we do justice to our calling? Or are we worthy? Our minds started questioning just as Moses questioned God. But those beautiful words “…I will be with you…” gave us the courage and assurance to say yes and the result was God worked in every situation that came our way. Today, we are serving as Chapter Servants in our parish and the love, joy, peace and support that we receive and experience through our brothers and sisters and the community in general is astounding.

One thing we know is, when we work for God, we are working for the best purpose we could ever find. It’s a spiritual purpose, it’s an eternal purpose, and it’s a Godly purpose. If we read the book of Samuel, we come across the examples and failures of David, but also his great trust in God. Despite his weaknesses, he allowed himself to be guided and inspired by God.

In 1 Cor 15: 58 it is said,

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.”

Work for God will never be forgotten and the reward can never be equaled on earth.

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