Wings of Protection

“For neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it was your word, O Lord that heals all people”
-Wisdom 16:12

Our life changed in a blink of an eye when we were at a birthday party and our little baby got her first seizure. We called 911 and we were taken to the ER. We were sent home with a diagnosis of syncope (fainting) or an absence seizure. We were unaware that this trip to the hospital was going to be a regular affair for us in the coming months.

After the initial seizure episode, we watched our baby like a hawk, as if she was a ticking time bomb and hoped something like this would never happen again.

However, after a week, my daughter had a cluster of seizures and it was extremely painful for us to watch. Within a matter of hours, my family and I started our research about seizures, the triggers, medications, how we can control it and adapt our lives around it. By the next afternoon, she was unable to walk and our life started to fall apart. The doctors were unable to explain her symptoms and started with all the tests they could possibly think of.

Every single test started to come back negative and her condition began to worsen. The doctors could not see the deterioration with her speech, memory and behaviour, but as a parent, you know your child the best. We knew something was very wrong, but we could not explain it.

Our friends and family reached out to us and encouraged us morally and spiritually. Strangers whom I have never met before started to pray, fast and reach out to us. As days passed by, her condition started to take a turn for the worse and the doctors did not know what to do with her and how to help her. We were informed that there was nothing they could do for her and we should just keep her happy and comfortable.

Through all the tough times I felt a sense of calm and reassurance, like a little voice in my head that kept saying, “I will never let any harm come to Leah.

We started spending a lot of time in prayer. I will never forget Leah’s voice praying to Jesus to have mercy on her. When we would go to church, Leah would ask Jesus if He could help her walk again. She told Him that she wanted to walk, run, skip, use her hands and talk again. When I heard the sincerity and innocence of her voice, I knew that if God did not hear her cries, there was no God at all.

We fasted and said the Rosary and the Way of the Cross a million times a day. With every passing moment, we learnt how nothing was in our hands and surrendering ourselves to the will of the Lord was all we had to do. Through all the anxiety, a verse that a friend asked me to recite

“for neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it was your word O Lord that healed them.”

stayed with me. A voice in my head kept pushing me to take her off the medications she was on. After a lot of back and forth and tons of visits to the ER, I was able to do it. I knew that God would not let anything happen to her. Only once we took her off her medications, did the doctors realize the intensity of her condition.

A woman in India had a vision of the Angel of the Lord appearing to Mother Mary when she was chosen to be the Mother of Our Saviour. Her message to me was, for me to be humble to the will of the Lord.

Every time things got worse, I just remembered the vision and I knew God was doing something that was impossible. Every time things got hard, my faith grew stronger. I was not going to let the devil play with my mind. I stopped all my research on the internet and just kept praying for our faith to get stronger.

Finally, we were able to show the doctors how her condition had become worse than before once we weaned her off the medication and pushed for more testing and research. We started to pray for all the doctors and anyone who came in contact with our baby, to be blessed with the gift of knowledge. Despite a lack of diagnosis, the doctors decided to go ahead with treatment as her case was a very rare one. A lack of treatment would put her in a coma and she would lose all body function. We had a team of four specialist doctors working round the clock trying to cross their T’s and dot their I’s.

Through all of this, we gained our strength through the powerful intercession of Mama Mary, and I knew that my dad was looking out for my baby, from heaven and would never let go of her side. When her condition started to worsen even after treatment, we just walked the halls of the hospital singing “God will make a way where they seem to be no way

My Godmother asked me to read the Gospel of Mathew out loud to Leah, by her bedside. It brought me great strength and confidence and I knew that God was working His way in her. I felt as if God was talking to me through His words and reminding me of His glory. The doctors informed us that our little girl would take 6 months to recover and we’re still not sure if she would be back to her usual self. We were handed a treatment plan and sent home.

The Lord started to show His mercy and love for us. Our baby started to walk again in 4 days without support or physiotherapy. We did not even make it to any speech therapy appointments and her speech started to get clear again. She had lost all her words but the Lord got them back for her. Our 1-year-old baby helped her; by just getting her to run around and play with him.
The doctors were shocked to see her progress in a week. They were amazed beyond belief to see her walk and talk again, without any physio or speech therapy.

4 weeks later, after a casual conversation with the doctor, we realized that the pharmacy had dispensed the wrong dosage of medication. The main drug that was supposed to bring down her brain inflammation was dispensed to her in the minimal dose.

It was nothing but a miracle how her case was diagnosed, as there are only 130 cases like hers in the world. She had the earliest diagnosis in the shortest time possible. How she recovered even though she was not on the right dosage of medication was remarkable.

The answer to that miracle is the Lord Jesus and the powerful intercession of Mama Mary and all the Saints in heaven.
I know that everyone in our family, friends circle and all the strangers who reached out to us, kept knocking on heaven’s door until the Lord heard our cries. The Lord is good all the time and all the time the Lord is good. There comes a time in your life when you feel so helpless and not in control, but knowing that you are under His wings of protection and surrendering to His will gives you a great understanding of His love and compassion.

We were blessed and chosen to go through this journey, so we could get closer to the Lord and experience His Mercy, grace and love for our babies and for us. Leah is truly a warrior princess as her uncle called her, She knows of the goodness the Lord has shown her and her family.

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