Yeshu Hai Kaisa Khumar

It’s been exactly a year now in the CFCI Singles movement. Someone who I have come to respect greatly in the community had said, “we all have ‘holiness’ in us, it just needs the occasional stirring“. Well I personally had some major stirring happen in me at the CFCI Singles conference last year. It was such an amazing experience after which I have tried my best not to miss out on any community event in which I can serve. So when I was invited to attend the Recollection Retreat at St. Joseph Vaz, Spiritual Renewal Centre, Old Goa, I was really excited.

There is something about that place that brings a great peace within me. So despite our CLS going on, I decided to attend the retreat, hoping to be back in time for the next CLS talk and the CFCI Family Day in Pune.
The main reason I was keen to attend was that I would get a deeper understanding into the community and what it really means to be a FTPW, however I never expected it to have such a great impact on me; I never thought I would mix so well with the rest of the participants, most of whom were from all over India.

The praise and worship sessions conducted in Hindi, changed my opinion and outlook to praise and worship in Hindi; If I was asked earlier, probably I would have scoffed at it, but now I want to teach these Hindi songs I learnt to people back home. One song that I truly enjoyed singing and doing the actions, was ‘Yeshu Hai Kaisa Khumar‘; it describes how God has made each one of us different and yet all of us are called to the common purpose of serving Him in whatever way we can.

The fellowship we all had at the beach, learning about each other’s lives in the community was really beautiful and effective.

For me, the highlights of the next two days were:

Reconciliation with one another.
The attractions of the world and how to combat them.
Discernment in simple situations, especially when we need to control our tongue.
What exactly it means to be in the CFCI – A call to holiness, a call to evangelization, and a call to accountability.

Out of all the scripture verses quoted, one that touched me the most was

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”. ~ Matthew 6:33

I will always remember the question we were told to ask ourselves, “If I die today, will I reach heaven and will St. Peter let me in to meet Jesus?

The one to one I had there still gives me shivers if I think about it. It helped me realize that I was not giving the Holy Spirit the attention He deserves in my life, and it was the perfect preparation for the feast of Pentecost.

The following talk on ‘Life in the Holy Spirit‘ and the pray-over session where we had the infilling of the Holy Spirit, were very deep and meaningful.

The experience on the whole was very deep and humbling.
Praise God!

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